In the era of new technology, the presence of every professional or organisation is often a condition to be successful. This is why controlling the information that reaches the people is of utmost importance. Part of this control is the well-written and formatted copy (or marketing text).

  1. What is copywriting? – This is the text that describes the product or a certain promotion your organisation is currently offering. The text is written by a copywriter. You can delve deeper into the subject and the specifics of this term and its effect through our SEO consulting service, or during the process of the copywriting.
  2. Where is the copy seen? – The text can be encountered on the website of the company, on its blog, the social profiles, the marketing campaigns, or in media publications.
  3. What is the purpose of the copy? – The text should offer the maximum amount of information about the product, service, company or professional. It’s also called informational content writing. The copy needs to be targeted towards the potential clients and partners – to inform them, to advertise and show the best sides of the product or service. This is also known as business/sales copy.
  4. Web content writing – On the Internet, the text should follow the guidelines and requirements of the search engines such as Google. It should be written in a way, which facilitates and enhances the search results, but it should also be interesting to read.
  5. How to write a copy? – The writing process is challenging and requires certain skills. It’s imperative that the copywriter knows the service or the product in detail, knows the customers and their preferences. It’s also important to conduct the right research about the niche and the terminology. Last, but not least – the SEO copywriter should be a good marketologist to be able to offer the right information in the right way through the best communication channel – website, social profiles, etc.

Why we can write exquisite copies

Here in Sematigo, we employ professionals with long-term experience in the field. Additionally, we have experience in law, philology, marketing and other industries. This experience allows us to look at the texts from several lenses and to reach even better effects. We can write your copy, create a blog and consult you, as well as offer technical support for your company blog. Nowadays, this is more than mandatory for an adequate SEO services process and popularisation on the web. We also offer article writing, which will be created and published to give you the maximum effect.

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