Link Building

Link Building Services

It’s possible that you’ve heard the term “link building.” This is one of the core processes the SEO experts do and it’s one of the main reasons certain websites are ranking in Google. The search engine algorithms use many signals. The idea of linking back from other websites is similar to voting, but it has one very substantial difference – quality over quantity. Years ago, the Google algorithm wasn’t as advanced and used the number of links as a factor. Because of this, many websites abused this and showed on the top results by spamming low-quality sites and content. It took several years for Google to understand, that this isn’t working as intended. This is exactly why right now the link quality is much more important than the quantity.

What is quality link building?

Quality link building to a website is a complex activity and the larger part of the time is invested in searching and analysis. It’s imperative that the links pointing to your site are coming from pages with high relevancy. For example, if your business specialises in building materials delivery, links from fashion websites will have almost no effect. But if you are a business software developer and your product/brand is being mentioned on technological and business blogs, then these links are extremely precious. Following this train of thought, one authoritative, relevant backlink can be much more valuable than hundreds, even thousands of low-quality links.

Prices of link building – How much does it cost?

It all depends on the time investment. We prepare long-term strategies and pick the keywords and key phrases we will be optimising for. By compiling the information from the initial SEO audit and after the planning phase, we can bring in visible results. Reaching the top positions of the search engines takes time and effort, and this is why it’s critical to pick the right keywords in your niche and focus on them. By doing this, we are saving you unneeded time and money waste. In parallel, we focus your funds on the most useful phrases. Higher search numbers do not mean more potential customers. Certain phrases are rarely searched for in the search engines, but are used by people who are looking exactly for what you are offering. The prices of a link building campaign are formed by the competitiveness of the niche and the target of your business.

This is why we care about the quality of our backlinks. Aimed with surgical precision, the right links skyrocket the right content for the right keywords, thus bringing you the needed customers. Of course, all of this is going hand in hand with social media optimisation, which should not be ignored. Complete optimisation is always the best choice for tangible results in the long run.